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OPGW hardware

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1.FDH(Fiber Distribution Hub)
The FDH is designed and constructed to be suitable for outdoor installation. The housing is
sufficiently sturdy to withstand typical handling and installation procedures. The design and layout of the cable guides promote an efficient and ordered positioning of the cable within the hub.
2.Joint Box
Suitable for OPGW cable connection protection, has the function for direct connections and
divergence connection, which can out of 4 cable, installed in the overhead pole, tower.
Clamps are used to guide OPGW cables from the top of the structure to the joint box or for
grounding the cable. TFO provide proper spacing and holding strength without damaging the
4.Tension Assembly
Tension Assembly is used for OPGW cable route’s fixing and anchor shackling. Usually be
installed on the terminal tower, tight tension tower and intesrection angle tower etc.
5.Vibration Damper
Vibration Dampers effectively reduce the level of Aeolian vibrations on OPGW cables. It respond to wind induced line vibrations that is characterized by high frequency, low amplitude motion.
6.OPGW(Optical Ground Wire)
OPGW is a type of cable that is used in the construction of electric power transmission and
distribution lines. Such cable combines the functions of grounding and communications. An OPGW cable contains a tubular structure with one or more optical fibers in it, surrounded by layers of steel and aluminum wire.
7.Suspension Assembly
Suspension Assembles are designed for use with OPGW cable at suspension tower positions.
Suspension Assemblies reduce static compressive stresses at the support point and cushion the
OPGW cable against the dynamic stress of Aeolian vibration.


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